Day # 81 – CDT – Wolf Creek Pass to Silver Pass

7/14/15 Day 81, Wolf Creek Pass M2165.5 to Silver Pass M2174.2 10,817′

Tent – Nights Spent Alone: 10

8.7, 1516.7 Trip Miles

Rain and Hail

Day’s of Snow: 8 – Day’s of Rain: 31 – Days of Hail: 15

# of Zero days: 7

2:45 pm – 6:02 pm

Gila Crossings Final Total:  221

Tick Count: 4 (4 more crawling on me)

Wanted List

Mountain Goat

Grizzly Bear


Black Bear

Bighorn Sheep


Mountain Lion





Critter Count

2 Deer

1 Chipmunk


1) 530 Pronghorn*

2) 324 Elk

3) 158 Chipmunks

4) 119 Lizards

5) 116 Wild Horses

6) 110 Marmot****

7) 109 Deer**

8) 50 Squirrels

9) 47 Pika

10) 46 Ground Squirrels

11) 41 Cotton Tail Rabbits

12) 30 Prairie Dogs

13) 22 Horny Roads

14) 17 Jack Rabbit***

15) 12 Moose

16) 8 Snakes

17) 5 Coyotes

18) 5 Moles

19) 3 Porcupine

20)  2 Fox

21) 2 Rattle Snakes

22) 2 Toads

23) 1 Mouse

24) 1 Skunk

25) 1 Weasel

*181 from car, **4 from car, ***1 from car, ****2 from car

We slept in until 7 am. Let It Be cooked eggs and bacon I picked up the night before with Jill. It was nice to sleep in. Though once I was up it was logistics once again.

Let It Be took us to the store and PO then dropped us at the outfitter. We hit the gas station for a drink and snack then attempted to hitch. We tried for 1.5 hours and finally went back to the gas station for round two. We made a sign and headed back to try again. This time we got a ride in three minutes. It was only half way but closer than we were.

We got a ride from Treasure Falls to the pass right away. As we climbed to the pass it started to rain and then hail. We sat in the parking lot in their car for almost twenty minutes. Finally in a lull in the storm we got our packs and put on our rain suits under there hatchback then ran for the over hang of the large CDT sign.

We would sit under the over hang for probably thirty minutes waiting out the storm. The hail from before was in piles. The storm wasn’t letting up much so we went for it. We hiked in the rain for probably two hours. We heard thunder many times but pushed on. We heard of a hut just past the ski resort but everyone we tried was locked. On we hiked in the rain.

Knowing we weren’t going to spend the night inside we decided on Silver Pass. The hiking was easy and the sun kind of came out. My rain suit was mostly dry by the time we got there.

Tents set up and dinner started we made a fire. It was a tough fire to keep going as much of the wood was damp.


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Get out there!

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  1. thomas conley 2W says:

    Just read your July 14th page good to see you are doing well tom